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Sometimes certain objects do not show up well over background imagery because they are the wrong colour. It seems that most default colours are good over dark colours, which includes a lot of aerial imagery. However, if a map is used, like OS Streetview, for example, the imagery is mostly white and a lot of things become virtually invisible.

It seems the only way to change this is to change each different type of object one by one. Is there an easier way? Maybe a good feature to add would be colour presets, so one could choose between, for example, a black background, aerial imagery (mostly darkish greens and greys) or a map (mostly white with light colours).

asked 11 Feb '11, 00:22

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If the imagery is mostly white you can dimm it down a bit with the Adjust opacity of the layer button.

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answered 11 Feb '11, 12:11

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This certainly helps and is a workable solution for now. It's not a perfect solution, though. I think the preset feature would be best.

(12 Feb '11, 00:38) Borbus

there is a plugin "colorscheme" (available from Preferences > Plugins) that should allow you to change colors with one click. it doesn't seem to be able to import existing color schemes, so you have to create one first by yourself (by, i guess, creating and using one in Preferences > Display Settings > Color Schemes, and then changing colors in Preferences > Display Settings > Colors.)

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answered 12 Feb '11, 12:04

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