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Hello, Newbie question.

I'm about to start mapping local sources of free food, skills, goods, services and needs in my village, primarily for village resident's benefit.

Some of this data might need to be invite-only.

Does OpenStreetMap allow for such privacy, or is everything necessarily public?

regards, Matt

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asked 20 Dec '13, 10:15

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(20 Dec '13, 13:53) aseerel4c26 ♦

Everything in OpenStreetMap is necessarily public. This is an open project in every sense of the word, so the data is freely available for anyone to use, and anyone is welcome to contribute. As such you shouldn't expect to be able to enter data you don't want the whole world to see. OpenStreetMap's server software does not allow private data in any case.

If some of the things you want to map are facilities open to the public, you should map them anyway. Not only does this mean there is an accurate map of your village, those businesses of facilities will benefit from being visible in more maps made with OpenStreetMap data.

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answered 20 Dec '13, 10:31

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Once you've mapped all the public data, if you still need to put private data on the map, you can use third-party services like umap or mapbb share, or even host the data yourself using leaflet's geojson plugin.

(20 Dec '13, 10:49) Vincent de P... ♦

All OSM data is public. However, through the tags that are applied to the data, you can indicate who is allowed access to certain features "on the ground". See the access=* page for details.

As an example, you might tag a garden with access=private. Anyone will be able to download that data, and see from the access tag that you can visit the garden "Only with permission of the owner on an individual basis".

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answered 20 Dec '13, 14:52

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There's an ambiguity in this answer: "access to certain features" could mean access to the data for those features, not the real-world features themselves. To be clear there is no way to restrict access to any OSM data. The access=* tag refers to legal rights of access to real-world features such as roads.

(20 Dec '13, 17:41) Jonathan Ben...

hopefully clarified

(20 Dec '13, 17:54) neuhausr

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