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How can I select a (residential) area and set the speed limit for all roads?

asked 19 Dec '13, 20:56

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Hi it depends on your editor. But when you’re able to select a road, just select them all and ad the specific speed limit to them all at once.

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answered 19 Dec '13, 21:16

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Hold the shift key pressed while clicking on objects will selecti multiple objects in both iD and JOSM.

In JOSM you can also use ctrl so that the selection is toggleable, or even use the search functionality to automatically select a lot of objects.

(20 Dec '13, 09:58) Vincent de P... ♦

Thanks you. I tried clicking and selecting multiple roads, but then the options to set properties disappear. Not really surprising since road name is one of the properties, but I hoped that a subset of the properties remains settable for multiple selected objects.

(27 Dec '13, 21:26) someosmanduser

Important: You should only do so for streets whose maxspeed limits you know - not for the ones where you just assume it.

(27 Dec '13, 23:05) malenki

Hi, step by step; Please start JOSM, zoom in up to street level and push the ctrl button, keep it pressed until you’re ready selecting the desired ways. Select the ways with the mouse, they’re coloring red, press again to deselect, the color goes from red to white. On the right side you’re able to add a speed limit and value in the menu. Forget that the menu gives warnings about the different values of the different ways. Happy mapping in 2014.

(28 Dec '13, 00:07) Hendrikklaas

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