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Hi, I use a Garmin eTrex Vista HCX for trips around there in Loire Atlantique (France) and I recently got a osm routable map as gmapsupp.img. I saved it on the SD card of the GPS unit, in the GARMIN folder. When turning on the Garmin, the osm map is recognized as I can see in the settings menu, information: OSM World routable 63240002, Fev 2011. Using the joystick, I can change the map tile in the field shown there. (63244002, 63244006, 632440010, 632440014, and so on) As I'm a newbie I would know: - how could I set the good one for my trip in a given place? - is there any way for renaming such tiles in a more convenient name (numbers are not easy to know what part of the map is concerned)? - in MapSource or an other soft on the PC, is it possible to see the relationship between all of the img subfiles and the geographic area?

Thanks a lot for your help.

asked 10 Feb '11, 23:06

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It probably depends a little on how the map was created. For background on this issue see the wiki page

With Mkgmap it is possible to make a single map of your area of interest, although if the area is large you may find that you need to split the area up into multiple maps. If this is the case, you may find it useful to open up the map set in MapSource. There are tools available that allow you to install the resulting tiles in MapSource. You don't need to worry about the mapping between the file name and the geographic location - the maps just appear in the correct place in MapSource as a single set. Thus once you choose which maps you want from MapSource, they all work automatically on your eTrex. (This works well for me using a Vista Cx, but the HCx should be the same.)

There are several places on the web that offer pre-made routable maps for Garmin. Some also offer a pre-built installer to install the maps to MapSource. For some links to places that offer this see An example of a site that offers pre-built installers for MapSource is

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answered 10 Feb '11, 23:35

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My understanding is the the OP is using the routable maps provided by Lambertus (last link).

(10 Feb '11, 23:46) SK53 ♦

The short answer is - from just a gmapsupp.img, I'm not sure. However...

The individual map tiles (63244002, 63244006, etc.) are all bundled together in the gmapsupp.img file that you installed. The "6324" part is the default that the "mkgmap" software uses (you can pick another number if you want, but "6324" was I think chosen so that it doesn't clash with known other Garmin map numbers).

This map tiles should all be on (ticked) by default - i.e. you shouldn't have to worry about which ones to turn on for a particular area; just leave them all on.

I suspect that the person created the Garmin map using "splitter" and "mkgmap". If so, and they still have the "areas.list" file that "splitter" creates when it splits the map into tiles you can look in there and see what tile corresponds to what area.

For example, I've just created and installed a new Garmin map and happen to know that tile 63240042 corresponds to my house. If I untick that the detailed map where I am disappears - tick it and it comes back again.

If you want to explore the way that maps are created for the eTrex then it might be worth (if you're not doing it already) playing around with "splitter" and "mkgmap" yourself. It also might be worth having a read through the archives of the mkgmap mailing list - there's lots of info on there about what options are and are not valid.

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answered 10 Feb '11, 23:45

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I also have a vista hcx I use a single Great Britain img file. I do not have to swap map files its all in one and works fine. I would suggest you go through instructions to install again. good luck

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answered 11 Feb '11, 00:46

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