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For example, I want decrease the database size. I need to geocode only to the level of the village or town. Can I remove some not usefull data from planet.osm.pbf or from geodatabase "Nominatim"? I do not need streets, suburbs, buildings, etc. So I want remove this data from database or .osm.pbf.

The structure of geodatabase "Nominatim" is quite difficult, so I think that the best way is to change osm.pbf file. But I don't know how.

asked 18 Dec '13, 07:25

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Yes I'd like to see some docs for the DB schema, or just an overview explanation of some of the main database structures of nominatim (AKA the osm2pgsql "gazetteer mode" output?). I thought it would be fairly easy to do geo queries on the nominatim db directly, but the structure is surprisingly "difficult" as you say. I figured out some queries I can do. See my adventures so far here:

(05 May '16, 12:40) Harry Wood

There is currently no DB schema description of Nominatim available:

So you might ask at the OSM-TALK or OSM-DEV mailinglist or in wiki at the Nominatim disc. A documentation at the wiki would be nice for the community :)

Maybe it's easier to export your dump to preprocessed nomiatim NPI files and filter this files before reimporting to get a light DB?

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answered 18 Dec '13, 15:29

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Thanks for the answer. Can you tell me how convert postgresql database "Nominatim" to the nominatim pre-indexed file?

(09 Jan '14, 10:24) amshegar

Also I have read that NPI service is currently being deprecated. So I can not download NPI file from MapQuest...

(09 Jan '14, 12:09) amshegar

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