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Even if we like to help you, you should not expect that somebody likes to read that long punycode URLs and check the results. Please update your post that it includes detailed what you try, what you expect and what you get.

(16 Dec '13, 16:08) iii

@iii: it is URL encoded, isn't it? ;-)

(16 Dec '13, 17:19) aseerel4c26 ♦

It seems that the key problem is the entering of the city name Stade with or without postalcode.

and there is NO Denkerstraße in Stade, I think!

(16 Dec '13, 19:02) stephan75

Thanks a lot for your help!!!


Jorge von Rudno

(17 Dec '13, 10:42) jvonrudno

The question has been closed for the following reason "The question is answered, right answer was accepted" by iii 27 Dec '13, 18:13

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