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Hi all,

I have a problem with area of National Park Rila in Bulgaria. There is a limit of 2000 points for upload to OSM and i can't upload all area of park. I separate the area to 3 parts and create relation in multipolygon but in the render still i have 3 separate areas for NP Rila.

Please can anybody help me to visualize one area like National Park Pirin:

I use JOSM to simplify the area but i still have about 5000 points. Another simplification will bring lose of accuracy.

asked 10 Feb '11, 11:23

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Захари Савов
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There are two intersecting relations here: the Rila NP ( and a forest area 8 named Рила...

(11 Feb '11, 08:12) katpatuka

Yes it is. First relation is connected with area of Nature Park, second with forest areas in Bulgaria. Is this a problem?

For relation this is not a final version.

(11 Feb '11, 09:33) Захари Савов

You had three single closed ways in the NP relation (1417776) - I've split them into 3 non-closed ways and now it shows as one area.

But you should split the three ways even more into chunks of maybe 200-node ways because it is a pain do edit an area in for example potlatch with such long ways having to load first where only a small part of that way is viewable in the current edit area...

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answered 11 Feb '11, 11:55

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We have some similar problems for other NP in Bulgaria. For type of relation we use boundary and this makes problems with mapnik render. I will change relation=multipolygon like you.

Thank you very much katpatuka

(11 Feb '11, 12:22) Захари Савов

BTW: it's enough to tag the relation itself with type=multipolygon, boundary=national_park and name=... - the single ways may only need a source=bing|landsat|yahoo... ;-)

(11 Feb '11, 12:30) katpatuka

There are still tools that do not support multipolygons yet so keep the tags.

(11 Feb '11, 23:21) emj

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