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I am working with the Vespucci editor and there is the possibility to export the data. When I press export he writes it was succesfully exported but I cannot find the data. Where it is exported ?

asked 04 Dec '13, 12:44

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Android's file layout is a bit hard to navigate, but Vespucci's exported files can be found for example in /storage/emulated/0/Vespucci. If not exactly there on your device, look for other folders with lots of app names.

Vespucci's export command stores an .osc file on your device. You need to install a file browser app such as SDCard Manager or ES File Explorer to view / transfer the file. Or you can connect your device to your computer to copy the file there.

That said, the export function is rarely usefull. Since Vespucci edits are typically simple and/or small, it's usually simpler to upload the changeset and fix anything that needs fixing later with a desktop editor.

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answered 04 Dec '13, 14:10

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Thank you with the Explorer it worked good so it managed to transfer it o teh sd card and it was also possibile to open the osc datat with josm

(04 Dec '13, 14:16) bmb2013

[follow up to the first answer]

Many Android devices, for example those produced by Samsung, already have a file manager app pre-installed that is sufficient to get accesss to the file (you could send yourself the file per mail).

The directory itself is always named "Vespucci", what varies is where the user accessible files are stored on the specific device in question.

One further very common location is /storage/sdcard0/Vespucci

In general however uploading your changes directly after you edit is better, it reduces the potential for conflicts (other people editign the same data) and seems to provide the best workflow.

Given that current versions of Vespucci can do nearly everything you can do with a desktop editor and you are mainly limited by the form factor of the device (detailed geometry editing will work on a tablet but not so good on a small phone), there is no real need to export the edits outside of a backup.

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answered 05 Dec '13, 13:23

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