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I use JOSM exclusively but the one thing that drives me nuts is its use of the right mouse button to drag the map. It is the only app in my experience that uses the right button for this purpose.

I believe someone once showed me a way to change this so that the left button can be used to drag the map but I cannot remember how to make that setting now.

Help needed.

asked 01 Dec '13, 05:09

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FWIW, AutoCAD is something else that uses "right button to pan".

(01 Dec '13, 13:29) SomeoneElse ♦

After some time, one (me included, of course) gets used to use the right mouse button for panning. It becomes second nature. My advice to you is simple - do nothing. In no time you'll get so familiar with it that you'll start to try to pan with the right mouse button whenever you see a map... even if it seems a little "weird" in the beginning.

(04 Dec '13, 11:43) MCPicoli

@MCPicoli - that's just the problem, I am used to it. But whenever I duck back into Garmin Basecamp I immediately drag the damn thing to pan and end up rotating its orientation away from North as Up. Grrr.

That said, I am used to it and as I said earlier, I can live with it.

(04 Dec '13, 13:05) AlaskaDave

AFAIK there is no standard in GIS/CAD that says anything about how pan/drag actions should be invoked by which mouse button.
Even in the "expert" preferences dialog you are unable to alter the default behavior, so I recommend to start a feature request ticket:

permanent link

answered 01 Dec '13, 10:17

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I realized after I sent this that the left mouse button is used when drawing buildings, as well as for the extrude function. I never use the Xtrude function but draw buildings all the time so maybe it's best if I just grin and bear it. Thanks for your time.

(01 Dec '13, 23:22) AlaskaDave

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