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I am endeavoring to make a cycle route in Brisbane Australia part of the recognized 'routable' routes.

The area in question is at: A cyclist heading NE on Lytton Rd wanting to cross the Gateway Bridge over the Brisbane River is guided to take the much-longer and much less used route up Metroplex Ave.

How do I set up the access from Lytton Rd so that the bike path ( can be recognised if accessed directly from Lytton Rd? I have played with many possibilities and edits and am unable to make it routable.

asked 27 Nov '13, 06:09

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It would be more helpful for clearness here if you would link to the path's object page (example, howto).

(27 Nov '13, 10:47) aseerel4c26 ♦

Thanks, guys. I will work through this and update.

(27 Nov '13, 21:54) jholdenesq

To be more specific, here is a map representation (screenshot 1, screenshot 2) based on the RidewithGPS site where I choose a start point on Lytton Rd and a stop point on the other side of the river.

In each case, it ignores the quick route directly onto the bikeway from Lytton Rd.

To me, it appears that aseerel4c26 comment may be right. Any help here?

(28 Nov '13, 02:30) jholdenesq

If this particular site isn't able to find the correct route while others are then please contact this site's support. I couldn't find any information how old their data is and to me this site is pretty much unusable (facebook account? wtf?).

(28 Nov '13, 06:21) scai ♦

If I look in my neighbourhood, I notice that use old, very old OSM data (more than one year old!). Something to bear in mind when you plan routes with this tool. Better download Garmin Mapsource or Basecamp and a more recent map from (use my Openfietsmap Lite for bicycle routing). Latest maps are from November 21 this year.

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answered 28 Nov '13, 11:11

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Hi, I tried using GraphHopper to do the routing and it worked ok, selecting the most direct bike route - the one I think you expected.
Here are links to starting from Lytton Road in the southwest bound lane and in Lytton Road in the northeast bound lane

I'm not sure if I have selected your exact start & finish points but my results make me think that the problem might lie with how Ride With GPS is programmed to do the routing.

I'm quite a newby to this too so I'll be interested to hear what other users think. Graham

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answered 28 Nov '13, 04:57

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How access restrictions are configured is explained on access. Note that several highway types are implicitly assumed to be usable by cyclists or not.

You also need to make sure that the ways which should be connected (for routing) share the same nodes.

However, see scai's answer for the likely reason of your problem.

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answered 27 Nov '13, 10:43

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Where/how did you calculate your route? I assume the router you tried has outdated data.

I tested a few bicycle routers from the wiki list of online routers but so far GraphHopper seems to be the only bicycle router having recent data. And if I understand your description correctly then it does find the route.

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answered 27 Nov '13, 08:24

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