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I want to use the map as a image, but i dont need all of the street names and tags, because i am going to make a new one for myself own, what can i do? Can i remove every tags and street names in a map??

asked 26 Nov '13, 13:19

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SomeoneElse ♦

What is "tags" for you? (it seems that you are not using the standard OSM terminology)

(26 Nov '13, 14:10) aseerel4c26 ♦

This seems to be answered already in how-can-i-create-a-map-without-any-names-on-it.

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answered 26 Nov '13, 14:11

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(27 Nov '13, 12:44) tj1966

Hi, nice that you want to use OSM :)

You need to keep 2 things strictly seperated:

  1. OSM data (that contain tags and geometries
  2. OSM (online) maps (that are rendered as raster images by applying a map style to the OSM data)

So what you are looking for, is a map style without streetnames. You might use for example this online maps:

If you just want to make a single image, you might also use offline OSM data and render a small area with a local renderer. I guess Maperitive suites well and maybe they also have a no-names style.

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answered 26 Nov '13, 13:55

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Just to state it clearly: do not change the map data to get the rendering (aka resulting picture) you want, because that data is shared by everyone. Instead, find a suitable rendering or make your own.

(26 Nov '13, 15:02) Vincent de P... ♦

Tilemill is another popular option if maperitive doesn't suit you.

(26 Nov '13, 15:03) Vincent de P... ♦

Thanks, I just knew that I could use Maperitive to remove the names, but could you tell me how to do it? Because I have tried many times, but it didn`t work. Thanks a lot~~~

(27 Nov '13, 12:39) tj1966

You might have a look at the preshipped styles or user contributed, before you spend to much time:
Otherwise you wan't to adapt an existing one, by removing the 'text' value assigments.

(27 Nov '13, 14:17) iii

Thanks, I will try latter~~

(28 Nov '13, 12:34) tj1966

If you're working with leaflet the easiest way is to use Pay attention to the branches if you're using an earlier version of leaflet. You can link to the style in the basic.html in the examples folder ( then copy and paste the info into your own file with its own name (such as style-cdn-json). From there you can modify the attributes in the style file to your liking.

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answered 28 Jun '18, 19:21

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What if you want to keep the street names but not the names of places

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answered 14 Sep '23, 11:22

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