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Someone asked in January when the problem of almost illegible / invisible green trunk roads on a green background (especially problematic in my country, the Netherlands) will be solved. Answer then: work will start within a couple of months. Any progress yet? Because I know a lot of people who don't like to use OpenStreetMap due to this problem. Maybe trunkroads can be given a more distinguishable color like purple or dark red, or something?

Despite better roadcolors, I don't like to use MapQuest, it has less detailed information and no difference between 4- and 2 lane trunkroads, among other things.

Many thanks in advance for any reply!

asked 26 Nov '13, 01:43

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Frederik Ramm ♦


Maybe you'd prefer this style more?

(26 Nov '13, 01:51) SomeoneElse ♦

Can you please refer to the January post? I guess it relates to this ticket?

I'm not sure how we can help you about the MapQuest style. What is the intention on your hint?

(26 Nov '13, 09:35) iii

@ OSM Help: Thanks for your reply! This is the January post i referred to:

@ SomeoneElse: Great tip, thnx! Better colors indeed, though still with same flaws (no distinction between 4 / 2 lane trunkroads).

I see my question has been closed, although earlier questions about the same issue has been answered before. Thanks again anyway!

(26 Nov '13, 23:00) Waltar78

@Waltar78: please do not feel offended by the close. It is just better discussed elsewhere (e.g. in the ticket iii linked to – you can login with your usual login data). I guess a key thing is: is that change wanted at all? As you already know there is not only that one map which is made of OSM data but many.

By the way: The (previously mentioned) porting to the different stylesheet language was finished in August 2013.

(26 Nov '13, 23:50) aseerel4c26 ♦

The question has been closed for the following reason "This is not really a question but an opinion piece and should be on a mailing list or forum." by Frederik Ramm 26 Nov '13, 19:56

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