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Taking something like terrace building. I want to divide such a row into single houses. How can this be done with idEditor?

asked 22 Nov '13, 21:18

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Hello, was your question answered to your satisfaction? I'm not sure I quite understand exactly what you're trying to do. Are you trying to create individual houses attached to one another in a row with individual addresses?. Like this?

(06 Jan '19, 01:45) chachafish

Here's one way:

  1. Click on nodes of the way (create new ones if necessary) and split the way at them (shortcut X).
  2. To continue one side of the way across the gap to the other side, click on the way, then shift-click on the end node, select Continue this line (shortcut A) and draw a line to the node on the other side.
  3. If you end up with two L shaped ways (or one U shaped way and one line), you can merge them by selecting one way, then Shift-clicking on the other way, then click Merge these lines (shortcut C).
  4. Add your tags, and you should be done...with that one :)
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answered 22 Nov '13, 21:57

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Thanks, I tried but I didn't get this working.

(26 Nov '13, 21:04) hfst

Can you give more detail about where you found a problem?

(26 Nov '13, 21:33) neuhausr

Doesn't work for me that way either. It's far from obvious (unless you're familiar with JOSM!) how to create new nodes; once you've done that you can't square up the results without deleting the nodes just created, and clicking "x" doesn't split the way, it just gets ignored, passed to Firefox which searches for "x" in the page. What you seem to have to do is move the mouse away, then back again, then click the new node until it is selected (sometimes more than once is necessary), then click the scissors in the radial menu. Then carry on from "To continue...".

(26 Nov '13, 23:04) SomeoneElse ♦

This question asked about iD, so that's how I've been trying to explain it. In iD, you can "create" a new node on a way by grabbing one of the way's midpoints (they are slightly greyed out nodes, when you hover over one a green + appears next to the cursor), and dragging it to where you want the new node to be on the way. To square up an area, click on it then on the Square corners tool (Shortcut S). I'm not following what you're doing, SomeoneElse. One thing that is odd is after you split the way, the whole way still appears selected until you click on it again. (hey, I still prefer P2)

(29 Nov '13, 04:53) neuhausr

worked well for me, but note that if you split a building, the resulting lines keep a relation for building:outer. You'll want to delete and retag the building afterwards. I'm so glad I didn't have to resort to JOSM

(05 Jan '19, 18:42) scruss

Hi, I can't answer for idEditor but if you are willing to give JOSM a try there is a plugin for just that purpose I used it on the terraced buildings here

JOSM looked complicated and frightening to me at first after having used Potlatch but it is now my preferred editor. Graham

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answered 22 Nov '13, 21:48

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