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I searched the WIKI to tag a building, shed, barn a lot. Why are there only a few (9%) buildings with a specific tag and no sign of the tag farm and yes I read the history but dont get the clue or why, anyone ?

asked 21 Nov '13, 23:49

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I guess because most people either don't know about more specific tags or simply just don't care. I suggest stating a survey about this topic.

And building=farm does exist, if that's what you are asking for. And even if it didn't then you could just create it.

(22 Nov '13, 07:27) scai ♦

Thanks guys, I guess it’s partly a definition problem, a farm is IMHO a residential building with in case of a mixtured business livestock inside. The property includes meadows or fields with crops is called farm (yard). Some buildings are newly used as residential, daycare aso. But the building just remains a farm or residential farmhouse. I just didn’t want to use farm after reading the discussions in the past. After your remark people don’t care and my impression that buildings are mostly imported. Stalling is a good one.

(22 Nov '13, 08:26) Hendrikklaas

It does look like building=farm has been used for the residential building on a farm. (For example, see the Shawnee, KS import of address points: To me, that makes no sense--if it's a residence, tag it as building=house or building=residence. In English you'd never call an individual building a farm. And barn, shed, farm_auxiliary, etc have been used quite a bit for other farm buildings. (

(22 Nov '13, 14:48) neuhausr

I don't think I fully understand your question.

If you're asking why you're unable to find specific tags for buildings which you wish to add (e.g. only finding tags for about 9% of the buildings you're adding). Then my answer would be:

OSM is community driven, people aren't trying to map those features in that detail. You can tag them how you want, but if it is unlikely you'll get common usage without push a standard tagging suggestion to handle the different buildings.

As for the specific question, "no sign of the tag farm [..] why?"

A farm does exist. I don't see why you'd expect it to be a building.

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answered 22 Nov '13, 05:14

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I guess he asks about building= farm but I don't think I fully understand his question either.

(22 Nov '13, 07:28) scai ♦

If you are asking about how to tag a barn building at a farmyard please use building=barn

If you are asking why people don't use specialized building tags, this is an open question. My explanation would be, that if you really want to gain good speed by tracing building outlines on aerial imagery, you can't always switch between types. Or maybe we just don't have such ability in the editors jet. Currently there is also no map that makes use of this specific tags. I only know that analyses building=garage to switch to dedicated modelling.

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answered 22 Nov '13, 15:41

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hi iii, Id like to read the map include the buildings as they are. Some mappers tag other details as shops, it just comes to the details, so its partly a mappers problem. JOSM has excellent tools to scale and detail a structure like an unique type of lock,, read my other comment as well. Mail for help if needed.

(25 Nov '13, 00:38) Hendrikklaas

Hi Hendrikklaas, "farm" has an ambiguous meaning. See the discussion here :

Tag:landuse=farm An area of farmland used for tillage and pasture (animals, vegetables, flowers, fruit growing). Caution: landuse=farm has been incorrectly used to tag farmyards (this was a result of the ambiguous meaning of the word farm in English and even more in the German translations). Currently, landuse=farmland is used as equivalent for landuse=farm and used about the same number of times. To tag an area of land with farm buildings like farmhouses, dwellings, farmsteads, sheds, stables, barns, equipment sheds, feed bunkers, etc. plus the open space in between them and the shrubbery/trees around them, the tag landuse=farmyard should be used.

Tag:landuse=farmyard An area of land with farm buildings like farmhouse, dwellings, farmsteads, sheeds, stables, barns, equipment sheds, feed bunkers, etc. plus the open space in between them and the shrubbery/trees around them. These areas are often fenced in. (american english: barnyard)

When to use landuse=farm This tag landuse=farmyard was introduced to resolve the ambiguous use of landuse=farm in the past, as some mappers used it to tag farmland, other to tag farmyards (this was a result of the ambiguous meaning of the word farm in the english language and even more in the german translations). As a consequence the tag landuse=farm is now only used for farm land (i.e. areas used for tillage and pasture), and not the areas which are better described as a farmyard.

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answered 12 May '14, 10:19

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Gys de Jongh
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The question was about the building key and an appropriate value for farm buildings.

(12 May '14, 10:39) scai ♦

@scai : yes, I saw he was looking for buildings. I also saw that he was amazed not to find the building(s) by the tags he was using.

I gathered that he would like to find "places where farmers worked or lived" so I pointed him to new possibilities

hth Gys

(12 May '14, 10:52) Gys de Jongh

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