I seem to remember taking a tutorial when I first started editing on OSM. It was interactive and included highlighted/shaded regions of the webpage. As I remember, you could edit a city in MI. Anyone have a link for this tutorial?

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Hmm, I guess you mean the built-in tutorial in our editor iD. It is centred on Three Rivers, Saint Joseph County, Michigan.

To access it:

  1. log in (on the OpenStreetMap.org homepage)
  2. start iD (on the OpenStreetMap.org homepage inside the "Edit ▼" menu),
  3. click the help icon (currently in the right panel, bottom),
  4. click the biiig "Start the Walkthrough" button below the list of help chapters

Note that this is mainly a tutorial to use iD. We have other editors. Other tutorials would be Beginners' guide in our wiki or LearnOSM (and see how-do-i-get-started-with-openstreetmap for more).

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