I seem to remember taking a tutorial when I first started editing on OSM. It was interactive and included highlighted/shaded regions of the webpage. As I remember, you could edit a city in MI. Anyone have a link for this tutorial?

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Hmm, I guess you mean the built-in tutorial in our editor iD. It is centred on Three Rivers, Saint Joseph County, Michigan.

To access it:

  1. log in (on the OpenStreetMap.org homepage)
  2. start iD (on the OpenStreetMap.org homepage click the "Edit" button or, if you have set another default editor in your user preferences, click "iD" inside the "Edit ▼" menu),
  3. click the help icon (currently in the right panel, bottom),
  4. click the biiig "Start the Walkthrough" button below the list of help chapters

Note that this is mainly a tutorial to use iD. We have other editors. Other tutorials would be Beginners' guide in our wiki or LearnOSM (and see how-do-i-get-started-with-openstreetmap for more).

permanent link

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I cannot find "Start the Walkthrough" button anywhere on this Help page! Very frustrating...

(01 Dec '17, 02:05) Marre86

@Marre68: welcome! Please read my instructions again, as I wrote there, it is not on this help page but on the openstreetmap homepage.

(01 Dec '17, 07:14) aseerel4c26 ♦

I would like to see an osm logo at the right side of this site (OpenStreetMap help) in the box that says “This is the support site for OpenStreetMap”
A logo in that box would draw a little more attention to the purpose of the help page. I took some time to see that link as it gets a bit hidden in the hightlights elsewhere on the page.

(01 Dec '17, 13:37) nevw

I also found it hard find again, but this answer worked for me. Or just press "H", with iD running it is the short-cut on a winPC

(01 Dec '17, 18:29) andy mackey

The HELP Icon is the Book with the '?' question mark.

(24 Apr '18, 20:47) Brainmagmo

More like middle of the right panel. The "book" icon with a ?. I kept looking at the bottom of the page. But thank you, I was having a devil of a time trying to tell someone how to run the tutorial.Oops, just saw Brainmagmo's comment!

(06 Apr '20, 04:53) EricJRW
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Marre86, at this site OpenStreetMap.org you should see this...
If not try a couple of different browsers (I used Firefox)

alt text

alt text

alt text

permanent link

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