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I have a suggestion regarding bicycle paths:

  1. many bicycle riders would like to know the nature of the path they will be riding. If its a "single track" it can require "basic skill" or "intermediate skill" or "advanced skill".

  2. – In some places i know the paths are marked in green/blue/black accordingly (green is basic, black is advanced).
    – Another method is by the type of line: basic will be -.-.-.-.- , intermediate will be -..-..-..-.. and advanced will be -...-...-...-... , whereas foot path will be .........
    I think the second method is better since if one is printing a map with out color there will be no problem

Thank You for your attention YGMZ

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There are already a lot of well-established bicycle tags available in OSM. The bicycle wiki page explains the tagging of cycleways. Additionally there are relations for cycle routes and various interesting tags for mountain bikes.

Your second point is about rendering these tags. The main map only shows very few cycle-related tags such as generic cycleways. But via the sidebar you can select the bicycle layer showing the OpenCycleMap. Then there is CycleStreets for the UK, BBBike for specific cities all over the world, the bicycle tags map already mentioned by Hendrik, Lonvia's cycle and mtb map showing bicycle and mountain bike routes, and lots of other interesting OSM based cycle maps.

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answered 17 Nov '13, 20:30

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