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I make a new object with potlatch and I see it only publish in layer humanitarian. There are some command in potlatch I should type for watch the new publish object in all layers?

thank you luca

asked 14 Nov '13, 13:17

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No, there is no command which defines in which layer an object should show. Also note that our OSM data is used for far more maps and services than just the few layers presented on

See i-have-made-edits-but-they-dont-show-up-on-the-map ("Not everything that is in the data, is also shown on every map." and "cache"!) for a longer answer. It may either be that only the humanitarian layer shows this type of object, that the other layers were not updated yet, or that you are viewing an older version of the other layers from a cache.

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answered 14 Nov '13, 13:26

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I'm sorry because I deleted the old object (visible in all layers) and now the new is only visible in humanitarian layer.. sob

(14 Nov '13, 13:31) luca_sere

If you're and the object that you deleted was , and replaced with , then don't worry - it'll show up shortly.

(14 Nov '13, 13:44) SomeoneElse ♦

Yes thi's right, thanks so much :-)

(14 Nov '13, 13:51) luca_sere

@luca_sere: indeed, no problem, just wait (in fact, I already see it). However, in general (next time) it would be better to not delete an object to re-draw it (to preserve the history).

By the way: the tags "comune = A205, foglio = 18, numero = 452+" are not really standard and I guess nobody will use them. Are that house numbers/address info? Use these keys: addr.

(14 Nov '13, 13:53) aseerel4c26 ♦

I'm trying to understand how OSM work, I have some officials maps, for example cadastre and the tag are the officialS one, I must study OSM for understand if I will create a news objects, in this case "building cadastre" or delete the old buildings and import the news with a massive import in OSM

(14 Nov '13, 14:04) luca_sere

@luca_sere: Okay! I have written you a message in OSM regarding the cadastre map (to avoid a off topic discussion here).

(14 Nov '13, 14:19) aseerel4c26 ♦

@luca_sere please read and discuss with the Italian OSM community. Thank you

(14 Nov '13, 14:20) SimonPoole ♦
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