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I need to get the adresses of all the city of Geneva. Someone can help me?

J'ai besoin des adresses de bus de la ville de Genève. Quelqu'un peut m'aider?

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asked 12 Nov '13, 09:04

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You mean "the bus stations of the city of Geneva" ? You mean "the address" like a house number (the nearest) and street name or the bus station names ?

(12 Nov '13, 11:40) Pieren

Yes I want to mean the exactly address from the bus station. With the number and the street name :) But they have like 1000 bus stops. I want to take reference for openstreetmap you know?

(12 Nov '13, 13:59) Jack_sparoow

The bus stations in Geneva have house numbers?

(12 Nov '13, 14:09) scai ♦

No but it's ok with the nearest house number. Do you think it's possible?

(12 Nov '13, 14:31) Jack_sparoow

Yes this is possible. But it would require a separate geocoding query to Nominatim for every single bus stop with a reasonable wait time between in order to comply with its usage policy.

(12 Nov '13, 14:37) scai ♦

Wich program I have to use?

(12 Nov '13, 14:57) Jack_sparoow
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I'm not aware of a ready-to-use software capable of obtaining the information you are asking for. But you can create such a software or a script yourself.

First you have to get all bus stops in Genève, for example by using the Overpass API with the following query:

out body;

You can view the result for this example query on overpass turbo.

The second step is to parse the result and generate a Nominatim reverse geocoding query for each bus stop by specifying the osm_type and osm_id parameters. Example result for bus stop with ID 368182989. But when doing this you have to comply with Nominatim's usage policy or use MapQuest's Nominatim instance or install a local instance.

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answered 12 Nov '13, 15:33

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scai ♦
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Thank you, I am going to try!

(12 Nov '13, 15:43) Jack_sparoow

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