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The wiki entry for a dispensing pharmacy is amenity pharmacy dispensing=yes and showing a WHITE cross in a GREEN square (see link text ) So why when I enter those tags does the symbol appear as a RED cross inside a red square outline?

asked 10 Nov '13, 18:12

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The wiki page you pointed shows an icon that is not used by the default tiles. This default style uses a red square. In France, the pharmacies are known to be represented by a green cross, so a green icon is used: example

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answered 10 Nov '13, 19:30

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Thanks Nicolas, can you please tell me where there is a list of the default tiles so I know what to expect in future. Jim

(10 Nov '13, 20:29) JimAsh

I guess instead of the tiles (the rendered map images) you are asking about the symbols for the default layer. They can be found at the openstreetmap-carto github project which is used to render these tiles.

(10 Nov '13, 21:09) scai ♦

Thanks, as a newbie I am finding the nomenclature very different and quite confusing. I am used to maintaining a simple text and image website and all this seems to operate in completely different way. Jim

(11 Nov '13, 00:00) JimAsh

Hi JimAsh, you’re still able to use simple text in the advanced menus and a lot more possibilities. The symbols were made to simplify the proces. It depends on the editor, ID, P2 or JOSM, please read this Btw don’t hesitate and keep mapping.

(11 Nov '13, 01:08) Hendrikklaas

Hendrikklaas, your link went to a page with no current text... This one is ok... The only difference in the link is the full-stop at the end I think?

(11 Nov '13, 02:45) nevw

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