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after having posted a question yesterday, see here, I moved to the area where I live, Wallensteinplatz in Vienna, and had a look to the shops around the corner.

My attention was attracted from a florist shop named "Tatoo" on the Wallensteinstrasse, which is actually a Tattoo shop with the florist icon.

A second icon drew my attention, the Motel "Puff" on the Jägerstrasse. This is actually, ehehm... a brothel, no chance to stay there more than half an hour or so...

I have the feeling that some users were frustrated because of seeing on the view mode nothing of what they have being adding to the map and then assigned a tag visible on the view mode having some (to the least controversial) relation to what the place actually is.

The result is that the map in area has some misleading information, hasn´t it?

I believe Mapnik supervisors should pay more attention to the subject "tags" : having so many approved, rendered and available tags but allowing on the view mode only a very restricted choice of them, can ruin the map accuracy and to a certain extent the whole concept of tagging.



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I agree I feel that the number of tags and icons could be dramatically increased to encourage new mappers, more precisely define the objects mapped and make osm much more appealing to the users of the data. The main mapnik map could apply a hierarchy of importance to tags and display most at the highest zoom levels.

(10 Nov '13, 11:09) nevw

The main Mapnik map could do a lot of things, but unfortunately comments posted here will achieve relatively little (a bit like shouting at the television). There's active discussion about how to show more shop data on the github ticket linked to from the previous question that this came out of.

However since deciding what goes in the "standard" map is necessarily a negotiation, and everybody's contradictory requirements can't all be accommodated, another approach would be to create a map yourself showing the data that you want, perhaps based on something similar that someone else has created. There used to be a "show everything" style available on which went away for various technological and support reasons; maybe someone's had a go at doing something similar? The place to find out is more likely to be on the mailing lists or IRC than here - the help site isn't really suited to "feature development and discussion".

(10 Nov '13, 11:49) SomeoneElse ♦

uhpss, posted in the wrong place, typical newbie mistake, sorry about that! I hope advanced users will have a look here every now and then.

(10 Nov '13, 12:48) lux99

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