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Hi all,

I am working on a project that requires to find the co-ordinates of street intersections. Are there any ways I can convert the data I downloaded from OpenstreetMap to a linear network which the nodes are street intersections?

Does any one can give me suggestions about tools that I can use or ways that I can pull this off directly from the website?

Thanks so much!

asked 08 Nov '13, 00:28

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ShengLin lynn
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Thank you!

(08 Nov '13, 21:46) ShengLin lynn

I just saw two programs called "Osmfilter" and "Osmcorvert." Is that possible for me to get the linear network dataset in a csv file by using these two programs?

I am using R (a software for statistics analysis) for my project, and there are not that many things I can do with an osm file. Could you give some more suggestions if it's possible?

Thanks so much!

(11 Nov '13, 21:16) ShengLin lynn

As far as I know, osmfilter and osmconvert can not extract intersections easily.

(12 Nov '13, 12:24) gormo

Hello Shenglin, please tell us in what format you have your linear network data set now. Is it already in a kind of database? What about loading it in a database and then form an output you can process with R ?

(12 Nov '13, 16:45) stephan75

Right now, I only have the dataset which I downloaded directly from OpenStreetMap, and it's a osm file. I can use R to extract the latitudes and longitudes of all nodes, but I am unable to find a way to filter out the street intersections points.

So I am wandering if there are any other tools can help me to get the co-ordinates of street intersections from the dataset I downloaded from OpenStreetMap Website.

I am not that good at programming, so it's kind of hard for me to make the algorithm to work.


(12 Nov '13, 19:16) ShengLin lynn

then I really can only recommend that you get more familiar with Routing on OSM based data in general.

See ... there are links to some opensource projects dealing with that topic. Have a look how they do their basic data preparation.

Or ask at additionaly.

(13 Nov '13, 17:01) stephan75

Thank you! I will do.

(13 Nov '13, 17:47) ShengLin lynn
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