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How do I view satellite imagery on OpenStreetMap? Right now, all I can view is basic maps...? Any help...

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OpenStreetMap does, unfortunately, not offer satellite imagery on the front page map. Our maps are created by volunteers on the ground, and satellite or aerial imagery cannot be created in the same crowd-sourced manner (although some efforts at a very early and experimental stage exist). It has to be bought at steep prices instead.

However, there are a few external sites that combine OpenStreetMap maps with commercial satellite imagery. Examples include:

Finally, please be aware that the above is only the case for viewing maps. If you want to edit and improve OpenStreetMap data, you do have access to imagery from other providers such as Bing and many others. In editors such as iD (which you access by clicking the "Edit" button on, Bing imagery should be visible in the background by default.

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