I inserted a new roundabout and a few other changes in my hometown. Now I see, there's a bigger mistake and all surrounding streets converted to a big roundabout with 1 km of diameter... http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/18745543

I'm not aware, i did that. But I'm also unable to revert this. Can someone please help me?

asked 06 Nov '13, 15:31

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Did you accidentally press the 'O' key? A similar issue just came up yesterday (or the day before?) on IRC when using the editor iD.

(06 Nov '13, 15:35) scai ♦

Or this (one click on the icon instead of "O"): moving the mouse pointer a bit to the side (off the street you were just editing), clicking (thereby selecting the residential area), moving the pointer a bit downwards (on the circle icon), clicking, done. And if you have zoomed in much during editing and the viewport centre near the circle's centre you do not even see the circle you've just created.

(06 Nov '13, 16:13) aseerel4c26 ♦

@senoner: don't worry, that happens quite frequently. Also it is normal that you cannot revert it after you have "saved" (with the tools you used; since reverting is no easy task).

(06 Nov '13, 16:19) aseerel4c26 ♦

I don't want to try that now... Yes, I zoomed in a lot, to correct also the streets around the roundabout. Maybe I clicked something wring (my pc reacts slow). I saw the damage only a few hours later, when I opened the area again for further edits.

(06 Nov '13, 17:14) senoner

@senoner: some people now will get angry at me… but: in my experience iD is by far the slowest (most resource demanding) editor we have. I have a slow pc myself, so I perfectly know how bad and uncomfortable slow editing feels.

I suggest you to try another editor (Potlatch2 or JOSM). Try Potlatch2 (just select it with the downward arrow beneath the edit button). I assume it will feel better for you. Or if you want to invest some more learning try JOSM (the fastest, most powerful but also not "easy" to be used one and needs most learning and carefulness). Or, last but not least, you could try to use iD in another Internet browser (it works best in webkit-based browsers like Chrome(ium) or Safari).

(06 Nov '13, 19:31) aseerel4c26 ♦

I've reverted that changeset as requested (in 18749348).

permanent link

answered 06 Nov '13, 15:36

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Thanks a lot, you're very fast - I owe you both a beer (if you happen near my hometown)!

(06 Nov '13, 17:09) senoner

There's a bit of information on the wiki. I used the JOSM reverter plugin to do it. There are a number of OpenStreetMap editors - "iD" is the default in-browser Javascript-based one that most has new mappers in mind that you're using; "Potlatch 2" is an older in-browser Flash-based editor and "JOSM" is a standalone Java-based one. It's not a process that's restricted to admins but it is suggested on the wiki page that you should only do this "if you know what you are doing" - it's possible to make things worse if you're not careful. You did the right thing by raising it here.

(06 Nov '13, 17:18) SomeoneElse ♦
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