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Hello folks,

I'm new here. I used to put Google Maps on all my websites, but since there's an open source alternative (which I've only now been alerted to) I'd much rather use that. However... it seems some things are harder to understand than I thought.

I just wanted to add a point to a map so it would show up in the iframe, preferably with a label. But somehow I added both a point (which is fine) and a way (?!?) to the map, and the point shows up alright on the map but not in my embedded iframe. I tried to delete the way, but I don't see how this can be done? And I think I shoved a node around which I shouldn't have, and now I thought I'd better call out for help before I erase the whole village by mistake. And I did search around in the wiki a bit, but I do feel a little overwhelmed now. Feels like I've missed something basic? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllppp!

Some details so you can follow my steps:

  • Search for "Holzbau Schlude" (they're a carpentry firm) on You'll get a result from Nominatim, click on it and it'll take you to the village of Heinstetten with a nice red pointer right where the house is. So far so good, except that it says "Holzbau Schlude" in small writing right in the middle of the village and nowhere near the pointer (is that intentional?).
  • If you click on history, you'll find three edits by me on November 5 and 6 (1 2 3). The first contains a striked-through node, the correct node (I think), and the way, labelled like the node. And the other two contain my efforts to fix this, but I don't really understand all of it.

So please: I'd like to understand what I've done, and more importantly I'd like to understand how to properly add a node that points to a house or place and says what this is. And then shows up in the embedded iframe.

Your time and help is much appreciated! And if I simply haven't found the right wiki article yet, point me to it and I'll read it presto. Also a little thought: Maybe a sandbox OSM would be a good idea, so noobs like me don't mess up the proper map. What do you think?

Thank you so much already

asked 06 Nov '13, 10:34

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edited 06 Nov '13, 14:36

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SomeoneElse ♦

I have checked those edits and reverted the city limit move and added the suggested tags to the shop (all other stuff was apparently independent from this discussion here reverted). Thanks for analysing, Frederik.

(22 Jan '14, 01:02) aseerel4c26 ♦


I'll try to be concise:

  1. Just to make this clear: Anything you change on the map with the iD editor will change for everyone, so don't add custom markers or highlights or whatever - you have to use different technologies for that. Adding a house and saying that this is a carpentry shop is of course ok, just don't expect any red arrows or stuff.
  2. In your first edit, you added a node for "Holzbau Schlude" and deleted another, seemingly unused, node. This was not wrong, albeit you didn't say what the new node represented - you'd probably want to add the tag "craft=carpenter" or "shop=furniture". Sadly, none of these are currently shown on the main map which only shows a selection of shops and no crafts at all, so while you would have added correct tagging, you'd not see the name "Holzbau Schlude" on the map.
  3. In your first edit, you also accidentally added "Holzbau Schlude" address details to the residential area of for the village of Heinstetten. This lead to the label "Holzbau Schlude" being shown in the centre of the village.
  4. In your second edit, you fixed that by removing the extra tags from the landuse area. At this point, everything was correct, and it is possible that you were thrown off by the fact that the map doesn't always update immediately (read answers to other questions here asking for map updates).
  5. In your third edit, you moved a city limit sign, and incorporated it into the outline of the residential area - this could have been on purpose or by accident -, and you also removed the landuse=residential tag from the residential area, leading to the grey area going away. This should probably be fixed again.
  6. None of your edits used a changeset comment, which is understandable given that you only edited a single feature every time, but still it would be a good habit to start!
  7. To get an iframe with a marker for the carpentry, select the "share" link on the right, check the "include marker" box, move the map so that the shop is under the marker, select "HTML", and copy the resulting HTML.
  8. Getting the label "Holzbau Schlude" on the map where the shop is would require the map style to change to include carpentry shops (not something you can do yourself, it has to be changed on the server). There's also some tricks that would achieve the same, e.g. if you were to add a building and name that building "Holzbau Schlude", but that label might clash with the house number and only one of both might be displayed.
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answered 06 Nov '13, 11:42

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thank you for this excellent answer! I'm impressed by your understanding and explanation abilities. I'll try and fix no. 5, and as to no. 6 - I meant to, but felt stupid writing something like "trying to understand what I'm doing"... I don't mind about there being no label, that's ok. Again, thanks a million!

(06 Nov '13, 13:02) Netzhexe

note that error "3." did likely only happen due to iD's (the editor which was used here) sliiiiiiightly unfortunate selection behaviour (selects the whole residential area if you do not accurately hit the correct object (node). @Netzhexe: use another editor - Potlatch2 or, even better, JOSM (you can choose with the downward arrow beneath the edit button - and JOSM needs to be installed first, see wiki).

(06 Nov '13, 13:59) aseerel4c26 ♦

@aseerel4c26 Speaking as someone who's spent considerably more time over the last few weeks tidying up after JOSM users than after iD ones, I'm not sure that the suggestion of JOSM as an entry-level editor is a good one.

"iD" is designed from the ground up as an entry-level editor - let's allow functionality designed to be targetted at people unfamiliar with OSM to be added to there (which includes fixing where the design allows some of these mistakes to be made).

(06 Nov '13, 14:25) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse: and I have just two days ago spent 1.5 hours tidying up iD mess - produced due to exactly the same error (in iD). Not the first time. I do not remember cleaning up JOSM mess.

My comment is really meant as recommendation to prevent the encountered problems here.

Also Netzhexe does not sound like she would have any problems with JOSM (Netzhexe, website construction, clear question wording, correct links to changesets, …). iD's "hide all" approach just confuses here.

Btw: you are cheating to vote down my comment! ;-) Comments are obviously only meant to be voted up.

(06 Nov '13, 14:31) aseerel4c26 ♦

Hey there once again, first let me say a big THANK YOU to whoever fixed Heinstetten's outline for me! I admit I still had trouble even after all your excellent answers. Thank you too to aseerel4c26 for trusting me to be a basically capable person. I find this a very encouraging thought. I will try the development area for iD and also check out JOSM. Sounds to me like different people simply have an easier or harder time with one editor or the other.

(21 Jan '14, 11:18) Netzhexe

In answer to one part of the question:

Maybe a sandbox OSM would be a good idea

There is actually a "development" area that you can use for testing out how things work. It's available here:

As you've (not) noticed it's not very well publicised at all, so it's not your fault that you didn't know about it. It's a separate website so you'll need to register separately there as a user, but once you've done that it's a great place to experiment with things.

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answered 06 Nov '13, 14:31

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Hi, please read these pages first, und wähle bitte die Deutsche Sprache, da gibst viele Fragen und Losungen. Ps vielleicht ist es möglich auch einem link zuzufügen, die ist ja beim Anfang vom Kartbild einfach zu kopieren.

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answered 06 Nov '13, 11:11

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Hello there, I'd actually read that one. But I'd already messed things up by then, so it wasn't enough. And on the web I rarely use German since the English speaking community is always larger, and I'm bilingual anyway. But I'll go and check that out as well.

(06 Nov '13, 13:07) Netzhexe

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