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I'm unable to get back to the homepage URL ( after searching for a location or editing a map. Instead, the last used location shows up, along with its URL path.

Why do I want a plain old homepage URL? Because I don't want to have to close all my windows and tabs and delete all my user data from my browser just to do something like add the OpenStreetMap URL/icon to my browser toolbar or bookmarks, or to quickly grab the URL for a post or email.

To be clear, this request isn't just for me personally. This seems like a basic feature that many, many users might want.

asked 05 Nov '13, 02:02

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I didn't quite understand why you have to close all your windows/tabs and delete your user data in order to create a bookmark or copy an URL.

(05 Nov '13, 07:21) scai ♦

You haven't mentioned your browser. Most I think let you type a URL manually, and doesn't take that long. Or shade and highlight just the bit before the # and copy that.

(05 Nov '13, 08:50) EdLoach ♦

  1. Go to
  2. Zoom out to the extent you want to see as default.
  3. Save it as a bookmark (in your bookmarks bar, browser homescreen, whatever) that you can now access at any time.
  4. ???
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answered 05 Nov '13, 11:38

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Richard ♦
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I guessed Puroprana wanted to save a link/bookmark to the osm homepage ( without any parameters. That does not work currently (in Firefox): always the location parameters are added upon opening that page (if you have a location cookie)(

(05 Nov '13, 12:00) aseerel4c26 ♦

The right location for your proposal is openstreetmap's trac. However, there is already my related bug report Constantly updated permalink in URL bar (hash style) spams browsing history in Firefox which was closed as "wontfix" (I guess yours would also be closed that way). Just workarounds are available. They would also work for your problem. Deleting (or not accepting) the "_osm_location" cookie from would work too, of course.

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answered 05 Nov '13, 03:10

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