Hello, I can't see files GPX in JOSM. Can I help me??

If I could see gpx in josm, When could I pass this file to osm??

If I had the file gpx loaded in osm, Would have I write the points??


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I'm not quite sure what you mean... Perhaps it might be easier to ask the question in your own language - I'm sure that some people will understand it here.

(via Google Translate)

No estoy muy seguro de lo que quieres decir ... Tal vez sea más fácil que hacer la pregunta en su propio idioma - Estoy seguro de que algunas personas van a entender aquí.

(02 Nov '13, 11:23) SomeoneElse ♦

note: This question is (apparently) now there in Spanish.

(02 Nov '13, 17:00) aseerel4c26 ♦

I once lost my gpxes too. I found that the setting "Mapnik (true)" hid the gpx trace from view if it was set thus before opening a trace.


Assuming that you have not loaded a gpx trace until now using JOSM, my procedure is ...

  • Open JOSM
  • Select file . open then locate the .gpx file on your computer, select open
  • JOSM displays the track.
  • You should also see it listed in the layers box. layers screen
  • Right-click the track listed in the layers box and customise the colour to something bright, select 'customise track drawing' to change the 'drawing width of gpx lines' to 2 or 3

and also add any photos taken by device with a gps chip whilst you made the gpx track and any .wav waypoints you made and these will be added as separate layers and will be seen along the track.

  • By now you can are ready to Right-click the track listed in the layers box and select 'Download from OSM along this track'. You will see options to download 'openstreetmap data' and 'raw gps data' which others have already loaded into the osm database.


  • Now in the layers box you need to move your gpx to the top of the layers to see it overlay the others layers (select it and click on the up arrow)
  • You can now start following your gpx track, and add nodes to make the new ways and points of interest and tags. Once finished you upload the data to update the osm.
  • You can also edit the gpx track from the layers box by changing the gpx to a layer, selecting and deleting any points not wanted and then convert back to gpx and save over the original file on your pc if desired.

I normally upload my .gpx traces to OSM via the main OSM site http://www.openstreetmap.org via the GPS Traces link at the left side GPS Traces and select 'upload a trace'.

I hope this helps...If not, tell us as someone else will also help.


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