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I have "lost my maps"on my Garmin Nuvi 30.

I can see them on both D drive for device and K drive (SD card)for Europe map.

When i start GPS it says its loadin maps but then I get a message that says ''Detailed maps are required for this device. No detailed maps on this device. Ón device drive it shows City Navigator for Aust and NZ.img (zip file) and on card Europe.img also zip file. I have tried re-installing but nothing has changed. I would appreciate any help anyone can give.

asked 02 Nov '13, 02:20

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After the message show no detailed maps it also shows message of memory full. Is the problem that is stopping the re-install?

(02 Nov '13, 05:34) Briels

Well, if the memory needs enough space for the img file. That's nothing surprising. Maybe you could ask a friend or neighbour to assist you in copying these files?

Maybe it would be helpful if you would provide the exact URL of the file you downloaded.

(02 Nov '13, 12:15) aseerel4c26 ♦

zip files?! The img files need to be extracted from the zip file to make the devices see them. Also they need to be in the folder …/Garmin. See OSM_Map_On_Garmin.

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answered 02 Nov '13, 03:22

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I have tried to unzip them but they are coming up as archive files

(02 Nov '13, 03:47) Briels

@Briels: I do not understand what you mean.

(02 Nov '13, 12:13) aseerel4c26 ♦

The file extendsion ".zip" is a common archive format, so it's possible that some archive software on your PC causese them to be displayed as "archive files" rather than the normal Windows "Compressed (zipped) folder". Inside the archive you should see some files with an extension of ".img" (which your PC may display as "Disk Image Files"). It's these you need to copy to your Garmin, not the .zip files.

To confuse matters further - some PCs don't show file extensions at all. If that's the case for you, read this to show them.

(02 Nov '13, 12:30) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi all

Thanks to those who sent me messages to fix my problem.

It appears that by doing a factory reset and clearing all my user settings I have been able to get my Aust and europe maps.

Once again thanks for the help, it is much appreciated.

(03 Nov '13, 01:43) Briels
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