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Hello I'm looking for a mobile Tool for Android to collect road signs. Also it should be possibile to embedde Ortho photos.

If you know some that work pretty good?

asked 30 Oct '13, 09:51

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SimonPoole ♦

As far as I understand your question GeoCam might be the right tool. It not only stores the coordinates in an image but also the orientation wich is very useful on mapping signs. In combination with a track recorded with my tracks, OsmAnd or any other tracker it is a very good tool.

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answered 02 Nov '13, 22:14

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Thank you very much that was exactly the tool we were looking for. We would combine it with OSM Tracker or do you can recommend any other tracker for OSM?

(04 Nov '13, 13:25) bmb2013

OSM Tracker is a fine tool. Another good tool is OsmAnd with the OSM Editing plugin. You can add POIs on a certain position on the map and import it in JOSM later. It can also take a photo and assign it to a certain position but sadly the direction of the camera won't be stored within the image.

(04 Nov '13, 15:32) Ogmios

Ok thank you but I can not find a Editing plugin

(04 Nov '13, 16:17) bmb2013

Try ALL settings of Osmand app ... there are many settings and it will take a while to find out all features of Osmand ... there are a lot.

If you have special questions about Osmand, please ask at Osmand's mailing list via googlegroup ... see

(04 Nov '13, 16:28) stephan75

You don't give a lot of information how you want to use the app, making it a bit difficult to give a reasonable answer.

The simplest solution is to turn on GPS tagging in your camera app and take photographs of the signs. You can then use the photographs in one of the editors that support displaying georeferenced photograps (JOSM, vespucci and probably others).

There are a number of Android apps that support surveying see in some form.

However most likely you would want to use OsmTracker (however does not support aerial imagery). Vespucci is a full blown editor for Android that will support such imagery, however has not direct support for collecting street signs (you can however add notes, or make the edits directly).

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answered 30 Oct '13, 10:46

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SimonPoole ♦
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Do you know if it's possibile to use ortho photos in vespucci ?

(30 Oct '13, 11:38) bmb2013

Vespucci supports bing and other sources (this is all online). One-off ortho imagery however not and currently there is no way to re-align imagery either.

(30 Oct '13, 11:44) SimonPoole ♦

ok thank you so vespucci an osm tracker should work good together

(30 Oct '13, 13:08) bmb2013

I set up a little custom config for OSMtracker for collecting US style speed limit signs. Just a page of sign icons as buttons that record the location and speed value when pressed. If you think something like that would be useful and you can't figure it out from the online documents, contact me and I'll send it to you.

(30 Oct '13, 14:09) n76

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