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I am trying to export data from openstreet map. When I click the export button it opens a new tab in chrome (or safari) and puts API parameters in the URL I would expect the export button to initiate a CSV download or something. I just want to see what data openstreet map has available. Do I need to make an API call?

asked 29 Oct '13, 17:06

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No, you don't have to make an API call. Have a look here:

The "planet" file is large (30Gb compressed) but under the "Extracts and Mirrors" section you can get much smaller geographical extracts.

As well as raw data downloads there are other services which make OSM data available (all the trees in a certain area, for example) - but in order to recommend those we'd need to know a bit about the problem that you're trying to solve.

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answered 29 Oct '13, 17:16

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Clicking the export data link should open the export tab, which lets you select an area to download (always up to date but small area only), or suggests various data extract services (large areas but typically up to 1 day old).

I tried a couple of browsers and it works as expected. If it doesn't work for you, you may want to file a bug report.

The file format is described on the wiki. But there are easyer ways to "just see what data openstreet map has available", for example clicking the "map data" checkbox in the layers sidebar (4th button on the right), or using the editor.

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answered 29 Oct '13, 17:39

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