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Morning All

I've done a fair amount of work on Google Maps and am investigating OSM for use with our websites. From the get go, I understand GM, they work for me and apart from some slightly odd places and Google doesn't always recognise our postcodes I'm relatively comfortable with it.

With Google I can create personalised maps. For example I could just create a 'cycle map' for my area and use it for our cycling website.

Is it possible to do this with OSM?

asked 29 Oct '13, 09:44

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I am nearly sure that we have a similar question already (which likely would also have answers), but I could not find one. The question is-it-possible-to-use-it-like-google-maps is similar, but a bit more general (also about routing) and not that much about a custom (cycle) map.

(29 Oct '13, 10:44) aseerel4c26 ♦
(29 Nov '13, 10:10) Submarine

It is possible to do very much with OSM. OSM is just free (free-dom, not necessarily free beer) data – not a service. But many services are using OSM data (including our own service which is mainly targeted at mappers). So, if someone would build a program like the one, which google has running there, it would also be possible with OSM data in the background.

A service which could suit your needs (at least party) is uMap. It also allows to place marker(s), draw lines on the map, add names and description to the markers, ….

However, you mention you want to create a "cycle map": If the cycle routes are signposted and official you can add them to our OSM data and view them e.g. at the OpenCycleMap. No need to keep them only for you. Please note that we are strictly not allowed and do not want to copy data from other sources (like google maps) – with a few exceptions. If, instead, these routes are just your personal favourite routes then they should not be added to the OSM data.

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answered 29 Oct '13, 10:44

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Ok, I get as an editor we have to add official data. Well understood. And in my map area someone has done a good job of adding Cycle Maps. If I can give this example:

Lets pretend I have bird watching website. And I wanted to create a birdwatch website wit hall of the points where I have seen a seagull.

As I understand it I can't, as an editor, start adding seagull data points as its all my personal sightings. Correct?

So, I want to create a birdwatch map that's 'mine'; similar to creating your own map with Google maps. Once I'm happy with that map I would then want to embed it into my website.

Is it possible for me to create a map called 'My seagull map' add in all the seagull points and do that?

Thanks in advance

(29 Oct '13, 11:48) Submarine

aseerel4c26 answered your question already - check out uMap

(29 Oct '13, 11:57) Andy Allan

Of course it is possible to create arbitrary overlays on top of an OSM map.

(29 Oct '13, 12:11) scai ♦

@Submarine: Yes, you can show all of the points where you have seen a seagull in a personal map (not by adding it to the OSM data since it is nothing permanent, real, only useful for you and so on). You can create such personal maps with (for example) uMap. For a simple map of seagull-sighting points OpenScribble may be enough (basic) functionality for you (example - either does not like long names or names with numbers...).

(29 Oct '13, 13:06) aseerel4c26 ♦

found a new one:

have a look at and read its help text. You can draw geometries, display markers according to coordinate tables, overlay GPX or KML data, and finally share your map even privately.

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answered 07 Jun '14, 09:43

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