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Just wondering if someone can clarify this for me, rather a basic question I suspect. (I've produced a map for a flyer for a charity I volunteer for and I don't want to get them into copyright issues!)

I want to just use the '(C)' to acknowledge the map data. But I noticed that OS provide some of the data, so I just rang their helpline to see if they were OK with that. The person I was talking to hadn't heard of Openstreetmap, and suggested that my map would need to have the OS copyright, 'Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown Copyright and database right [year]', as well as any reference to Openstreetmap, even if the Openstreetmap copyright page already contains this.

Any opinions on whether I'm definitely covered if I just use the '(C)' acknowledgement?

asked 28 Oct '13, 11:09

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Goretex hippy
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I find it hilarious that the OS hadn't heard of Openstreetmap!! Well they will soon :-)

(02 Nov '13, 20:07) Kesselflicker

We only use GB OS Open Data, released under the Open Government Licence. We attribute OS open Data in our copyright page as required. We cannot use regular OS data as any kind of source, nor can we use data derived from OS sources such as the recently released UK Land Registry cadastral data, even though LR would like to release it as Open Data.

To attribute OSM you can see the detail here

permanent link

answered 28 Oct '13, 18:08

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Thanks very much for that. The helpline was suggesting they needed the specific OS copyright notice on my map, even though it's only OS Open Data being used. Would people expect me to run into problems if I only use the '(C) Openstreetmap contributors' acknowledgement?

(02 Nov '13, 15:03) Goretex hippy

Since it is a printed flyer, so no hyper links are possible, you would be better to use: "© contributors, ODbL 1.0". If you attribute OSM, there will be no problem and there can be no comeback from OS. Seeing the OSM data used is why we created it.

(02 Nov '13, 16:11) ChrisH

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