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Hi! I'm new in OSM even if I have heard about it previously as an open source supporter. Today I made my first edit but I have a question.

I edited the mountain pass at this point of the map:

My intention was to change the real name of the mountain pass, but in addition to that, I removed the tourism=attraction tag as I guessed that the more precise mountain_pass=yes tag was enough. However, now I can't see the point in the map (but I know it is saved because the real name can be used in the search box and it appears when you try to edit the point).

I know that the classic OSM map doesn't show all the information. If I want, as it was before, a mountain pass to appear on this map, must it be tagged as a tourist attraction, even if in reality it's not anything for tourists but quite interesting for this region of the map where there's not too much information at all (it's the countryside)?


asked 21 Oct '13, 02:29

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Adding tourism=attraction to render it is called tagging for the renderer and not done on OSM. The cycle map layer wil eventually show those mountain passes or you can make another request to render it on the mapnik layer (it has been asked 4 yrs ago but nothing has happened). Another "trick" that I have seen often is adding place=locality, this will render on the Mapnik layer.

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answered 21 Oct '13, 08:45

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In case you want to open a bug report then openstreetmap-carto on github would be the correct place.

(21 Oct '13, 09:25) scai ♦

Scai, does this mean that reporting bugs on is deprecated?

(21 Oct '13, 11:19) ligfietser

@ligfietser Not at all. But the new CartoCSS-based stylesheet is hosted on GitHub and the developer prefer to use GitHub's issue tracker. Unfortunately this doesn't work with your regular OSM account.

(21 Oct '13, 11:54) scai ♦

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