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It is possible to embed a video(link from vimeo or youtube) in a location on osm? I only found way to post comments. It would be awesome if anyone could add videos and photos in locations where it has been made.

asked 17 Oct '13, 22:09

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Adding image and video is out of scope for OpenStreetMap. There are plenty of other sites that host photos/videos/etc geolocalised on an OSM map however (and if your favorite media hosting site isn't using OSM to geolocalize stuff, show them the way :) ). I'm not posting any links as I'm not sure what kind of video you have in mind ?

Concerning "posting comments", if you are thinking of OSM Notes, they are are actually not intended for discussion, opinion, or private markers : their purpose is to give feedback on the map data. If you can't or don't want to edit the map yourself, add a note so that other contributors can do it for you. A typical example would be a missing shop or oneway restriction.

It is sometimes hard to figure out what belong in OSM or not. The data must be factual (as opposed to subjective), discreete (as opposed to continuous), and licence-compatible. Some would add parseable, and useful, but that in itself is subjective. Remember that OSM is a tool, not a one-stop do-it-all website.

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answered 17 Oct '13, 22:58

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Vincent de P... ♦
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Note that there are valid uses for image links in the OSM db (and about 20K occurences of 'image' in taginfo), but I really think that openstreetview is a better home for those.

(17 Oct '13, 23:06) Vincent de P... ♦

Actually I was thinking of a place to reunite thousand of pictures and videos of protests that are occurring now in brazil. Some place where anyone could link your video in the map, so we can actually see geographically what is happening. It is possible to do that on google maps, but I really want to avoid big corporates.

We're living in a "not so democratic" situation here. There are people being arrested for being in a protest, kidnapped by government forces, tortured and killed. So, I was trying to create a way to share what we are living, in a open source environment.

But thanks anyway

(18 Oct '13, 03:39) alexandrecfb

It sounds like the events that you're talking about are (hopefully) of a relatively short-term nature - the answers to this previous question may help (and see also here).

(18 Oct '13, 10:18) SomeoneElse ♦

That would be a good use of osm data, but is not something that we want in the osm data itself. So you want to use a third-party website that uses an OSM map.

Have a look at umap for example, they'll give you a shareable map with an easy way to add markers (for each video) on it.

If you want to avoid corporations, the best solution is to host it yourself, or on a cheap rented server. Leaflet makes it easy to display a map with markers on it. Enabling annonymous visitors to add a marker is a bit more work but not too much.

(18 Oct '13, 10:57) Vincent de P... ♦

Is it to simply show/share there videos to friends or to the world? There are many pages where you can pin videos to their location. Usually you can click on the coordinates and see a map, which may be created by using OSM data. For example flickr allows uploading videos, I think also supports to add a geographic location and uses OSM-based maps (at least for some parts of the world). Wikimedia Commons is another example. OSM creates the basis for all of that.

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answered 18 Oct '13, 01:35

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Probably not with with third party stuff unless it's geo tagged. It can be done, if while you have your GPS recording, you use your camera. geo tagging software can be used to synchronize the time the picture was taken to the gps position at that time. some cameras now have a gps chip and it may be added into the picture data.

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answered 17 Oct '13, 22:40

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andy mackey
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