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If a bus route travels back and forth between two places (sometimes taking a different route slightly in one direction, if it enters a one-way area, for example), should there just be one relation for the entire route from A to B to A? And, additionally, should the same relation be added to a way twice, for each direction, on the ways in which the route is travelled on in both directions (or for every individual time the route goes through a particular way)?

Also, here's an example of where a bus route might go: Example route

In this case, the bus travels south on the A23, turns left on to Three Arch Road, and travels to East Surrey Hospital (Canada Avenue), where it makes a small loop, where it travels back along Three Arch Road, and then continues further south in the direction of Gatwick Airport. If the bus is to then return back and again, enter the hospital, i.e. if it stops at the hospital from either direction, it will mean Three Arch Road is used by the route 4 times, therefore, should there be 4 entries of the same relation?

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I tried your example, but just got a Google Maps map of N America. If this is a truly circular route (unlikely these days), then show it as one relation. Otherwise, you should have different relations for "northbound" and "southbound". Yes, (most of) the ways in the route will occur twice: once in the NB relation and once in the SB. You should make sure that the "forward"/"backward" and "forward:stop"/"backward:stop" roles are set correctly.

(26 Oct '13, 14:02) mwbg

Please make one relation per direction.

The order of the way members should be in the order the bus goes. In particular, if the bus passes the same way twice due to a loop, please add it twice.

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Just a further question, for bus routes which basically run a loop (either by going between two places in both directions, or, in some cases, just running a single one-way loop, only passing through each area once), where it ends up at the start of the route, should the last member of the relation simply be the last part of the way that's connected to the part, which has the first relation?

(16 Oct '13, 22:02) TheUltimateK...

The between-two-places case with distinct directions shown on the bus display is quite clearly a case for two relations. However, if the entire bus line forms a loop served only in one direction, it should be one relation forming a closed loop, i.e. having the same stop as firat and last stop and making the last way matching the first way.

(17 Oct '13, 07:03) Roland Olbricht

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