Dear Sir or Madam, I used GPSVisualizer when they offered batch geocoding through their website using Yahoo before that service was taken over my Microsoft/Bing. I was able to enter the latitude and longitude co-ordinates and get a map using various sources of map data, including openstreetmap, but the Google logo is present on all maps created using GPSVisualizer regardless of the source of the map data. I am not sure if that is copyrighted by Google, or not. An example of the data I have is: 52.380041,16.92445,"61-531". The postal code is present after each set of co-ordinates. I would like to have the data publicly available as soon as the work I am doing is completed. Thank you, Peter

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Hi Peter,

Having a quick look at GPSVisualizer I seems to me that the website is somehow powered by googles engine, display and probably also the drawing part. (in the sandbox which I only tested).

BUT: If you use OpenStreetMap data, your drawing will obviously not be copyrighted to Google, but i will be free to use (according to OpenStreetMap Licence ( ). So having the goole logo on it is probably at least missleading, ifnot illegal. Can you please post an example of the final exported map?

Thanks, nounours

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quoted by me the comment from PeterPK:

Hello Nounours,

The output for mapping a sample point using GPSVisualizer has Google on the bottom left of the map, and Data from: openstreetmap, on the bottom right of the map. I tried to send a screen shot as an attachment, but it didn't attach to this help forum. "There was an internal server error uploading your file. Permission denied."

Thanks, Peter

(15 Oct '13, 17:26) stephan75
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