Hello: I want to use Potlatch but at certain (max) magnification it only shows a map of the area. The lower magnification is too small to trace all the details shown on Bing aerial view. On the other hand, when I switch to iD, it does show the magnification as needed. (See photos) Any idea how to make it work in Potlatch? Thank you!

alt text

alt text

asked 14 Oct '13, 02:38

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aseerel4c26 ♦

meta note: please do not use gif, use png or jpg (that's best for aerial photos). gif only performs well on images with few colors and sharp edges like the second one, but there png is superior too.

(14 Oct '13, 14:04) aseerel4c26 ♦

Hi: the pics above were just for illustrative purposes to show that P2 does not show the aerial photos at a certain magn. level.

(14 Oct '13, 14:17) slover98

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answered 14 Oct '13, 14:47

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As far as I know that is simply not possible. Potlatch2 would need to magnify (no new information displayed by that, but it would be better visible) the highest zoom level even further by itself, which it does not. You can use JOSM or iD (maybe also some other editors) instead.

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answered 14 Oct '13, 14:12

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Thank you for the answer. I do use iD but for some reason it is extremely slow in FF browser. I tried on Google's chrome but it was crashing. P2 works great except this magnification problem.

(14 Oct '13, 14:16) slover98

@slover98: yes, iD is slow in Firefox, same for me. I suggest to try out JOSM, after some learning time (at least for me it is) it will be easier/faster to use.

(14 Oct '13, 14:35) aseerel4c26 ♦

@aseerel4c26 Suggesting that a user asking a question about one editor uses a completely different one that doesn't contain many of the same features is a bit like answering someone asking for directions with "I wouldn't start from here if I were you".

(14 Oct '13, 14:51) SomeoneElse ♦

meta continuted … @SomeoneElse: well, true, but that is the best answer I could imagine. Yes, a bug against P2 could be filed (if there is not already one), but for now the best possible solution is to use another editor or to use a lower zoom level. Should I rather convert this to a comment in your opinion? Oh, and andy's comment should be an answer, IMHO.

(14 Oct '13, 15:38) aseerel4c26 ♦

One other option is to use your OS's screen zoom feature; that blows up the pixels same as JOSM and iD do.

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answered 14 Oct '13, 17:28

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