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Hi there are times when I would like to be able to select a length of a bendy way and apply a bezier function to smooth and then allow me to make further adjustments as necessary. Currently I add extra points drag around until satisfied. Creeks are a prime target that I can see in my area. Is this available in any of the editors for me to try. I am using JOSM and it seems not to have this feature or a plugin. I guess drawbacks may be that such functions would tend to add far more nodes that necessary and some may find it difficult to resist 'prettying' up their map and losing authenticity. I should add that I am not that familiar with doing this practically with mapping, so feel free to express contrary views to such a feature.

edit: just found further info bezier curves osm

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Just add enough points so that the way follows the shape of the feature, and don't worry too much about making it smooth. Renderers can smooth out the curves later. For example, have a look at:

There's always plenty more things to map rather than spending excessive time on one particular feature! My rule of thumb is that if there's enough nodes that the edges stay within the width of the road on background imagery, that's enough. Alternatively, if the displacement of the midpoint of each pair of nodes from the real feature is less than 2 metres, that's enough too. Beyond that is usually just adding nodes without adding any real information.

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The utilsplugin2 JOSM plugin has a "circle arc" feature in the "More Tools" menu. See this page on the JOSM wiki for how to use it:

Also, do you know about the "w" mode in JOSM? I don't see it actually mentioned in the menus anywhere... It lets you select a way and then either move existing nodes, create new nodes (by holding CTRL) or delete nodes (by holding ALT) just by clicking.

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