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What can I do about data posted by a former associate of our organization who has posted location information that poses a serious security risk to our organization. How can I have sensitive information removed?

asked 04 Oct '13, 00:54

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Firstly, don't place questions here: it only piques people's interest. I presume as Hendriklaas suggests that your question relates to the earlier one.

Secondly, you should have contacted the original mapper directly. As he is familiar with your organisation, and, as I understand it, values it, he most likely would have removed his mapping to allay your security fears. However, you did not give him adequate time when you did this in retrospect.

Lastly, if you believe that your security might be at risk, you need to contact the Data Working Group. I would expect they will not take your assertion that your security at face value: you will need to show substantial good cause if the DWG is willing to redact these edits. I believe this is unlikely as it will create a precedent: current events mean that every shopping centre in the world could argue this too.

In general DWG are unlikely to accept your own evaluation of your security risks, without additional evidence from reputable third parties (such as the local security forces) but that is their decision. I am not a member of DWG or party to their regular decision making. In the first instance contact them and ask their advice.

Your best hope of a redaction is if you can show that every person associated with your organisation, and their family members, were required to sign a confidentially contract as part of their residence or participation in its activities. Specifically, you would need to show that such a contract existed with your former associate.

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answered 04 Oct '13, 02:43

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To remove accurate information such as building names or business locations would generally be a form of vandalism and be reverted.

If there is accurate information in OSM that you believe should be removed your best option is to contact the Data Working Group at, but before doing so you need to first read this post on a similar question by Frederik Ramm, another member of the Data Working Group.

The most relevant quote is "OpenStreetMap will always accept building names if they're correct and their addition is legal."

Paul Norman
For the Data Working Group

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answered 04 Oct '13, 19:34

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