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I plan on using OpenStreetMap data to create prints and sell them. In order to do this legally, do I need to include the copyright on each print or can I include the copyright (including link) in my webpage? I will be using the raw data downloaded from OSM, and will use software to create an artistic rendering of this data.

Thank you.

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All modern maps have a copyright notice somewhere, just throw the line (c) copyright OpenStreetMap Contributors in the lower right. This should be on every unit for distribution. IE only if you plan on distributing it, internally you don't have to worry about this. Now you can furthermore copyright your own renderings of the data and include a secondary copyright notice. For a quick overview read the following links. The second link will answer the specifics of your case.

OSM data license sumary

Your Specific Question as Answered on the Wiki

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You should put the copyright hint on every print. Else you would have to place a hint there "copyright see" which wouldn't be much help.

Hint: the prints derived from OSM data you can put under any license you like. (This was one of the reasons why OSM changed to ODbL.)

(of course: IANAL)

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answered 01 Oct '13, 18:14

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The ODbL requires attribution, so one must at least put (c) copyright OpenStreetMap Contributors. Then any secondary license for the rendering.

(03 Oct '13, 03:48) redsteakraw

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