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Hello, everybody!

 We are experiencing some issues while using your map.

 The task is to display markers on the OpenLayers map. Every marker has own image different from another ones. All the markers can be easily replaced (change their location).
 When you hover over the marker a message is displayed on the screen. While zoom in the area where two or more markers meet together they should unite in one unique marker (with it's own image).

 Eventually we want to get something similar to http://maps.livejournal.com/. But instead of the above http://maps.livejournal.com/images/svg/post-place-icon.svg we have different images that are set dynamically and can be easily replaced at any moment.

 The essence of the problem is:

 We are obtained to perform every item of the task sepparatelly.
 But is it impossible to connect all of them together.

 Here is what I do:
 connecting the map (not google maps!)

my sample example code here http://valentin.in.ua/download/help_en.zip

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asked 30 Sep '13, 10:37

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