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The title may or may not be misleading, could not come up with a better word. This area is obviously not a parking area, but an area for trucks to gather while waiting for the ferry, see Bing aerial. The best tag I could find was ferry terminal, but the nodes on the coastline that connects to the ferries themselves are tagged as that already. Would mooring=ferry be better for these nodes? Or is some other tag preferred?

Tagging guidelines would be appreciated!

asked 25 Sep '13, 13:01

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edited 25 Sep '13, 13:02

Hi look here the entire terminal is tagged as ferry terminal. Mooring=ferry, should IMHO get seamark:mooring:category=ferry with operator=the ferry company.

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answered 25 Sep '13, 13:38

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I see. Should I create one terminal per "parking lot" or a terminal that covers most of the harbour? If you pan around in Bing you can see that most of the harbour consists of parking areas such as these.

Edit: I just realized that most of the ferry positions are probably wrong, since it's mapped after old Yahoo imagery and the harbour has been rebuilt since then. I don't know exactly where they are now though, so I'll probably leave it as it is now until someone who knows better remaps it...

Edit 2: Or not, impulsive as I am...

(25 Sep '13, 13:43) Grillo

Hi Grillo, just tag the parkings with amenity=parking with name=’ferry’. You’ll have to get a clear view of the harbor facilities before changing or editing. (take a look yourself on a daytrip) As far as I can see is the eastern terminal a special rail one and is the western side used by all the ferry’s, fi TT Line, together.

(29 Sep '13, 13:17) Hendrikklaas

I don't think it's possible to just walk in there and look around, and it's a little far away to just go there and check. Anyway, as it stands now will have to do until someone with better knowledge can fix it.

(14 Oct '13, 07:08) Grillo

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