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How should education centres such as this be tagged? They sometimes have their own building but often comprise just a few rooms in a shopping complex or office block. They rarely, if ever, have grounds like a regular school. Using the tag 'amenity=school' seems to afford the centres an identity somewhat different to what they really are. Can anyone suggest alternatives please? I see from taginfo that 'amenity=tutor' and 'shop=tutor' have been used on a few occasions.

asked 24 Sep '13, 11:17

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On the Deprecated features page, "office=tutoring" is mentioned as one suggested alternative for the generic (deprecated) "amenity=education" tag. There's no wiki page for "office=tutoring" and it's not mentioned anywhere else, and it's not widely in use (24 instances) but it's the closest I can find, and it's what I'll be using until I hear otherwise.

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answered 07 Jan '18, 20:08

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When I looked into usage locally (UK and Ireland) to come up with the selection here the ones most in use were:

  • amenity=training
  • amenity=tutoring_centre
  • office=tutoring

This may be different now, and may be different geographically too.

(07 Jan '18, 21:07) SomeoneElse ♦

Have a look on a similar question raised recently on the tagging mailing list:

The trend is to prefere a specialized tag than "amenity=school" . The "training=tutoring" suggested in the thread is a bit too vague and general. Perhaps something like "amenity=tutoring_centre" ?

If you need more discussion, this help site is not appropriate (it's a question/answers tools, not a forum) and you should subscribe to the mailing list or the forum.

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answered 24 Sep '13, 13:28

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There was no resolution in the thread, but the training= solution didn't seem too popular there, and is used less in the database than the amenity= options. As I mentioned there, amenity=tutoring (15 uses) and amenity=tutor (9 uses) have at least been used already, so one of those would probably be better than tutoring_centre?

(24 Sep '13, 16:20) neuhausr

But as pointed in the discussion, "amenity=tutoring" is too vague. That's why I'm suggesting this "tutoring_centre" instead. But, again, this is not the right place to discuss, here.

(24 Sep '13, 16:36) Pieren

I thought the comment about vagueness was more about the training key, but whatevs. Now that you mention it, though, I see that "tutor" alone seems to have a different connotation in UK English than US English.

(24 Sep '13, 17:09) neuhausr

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