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Lets say there is line with ABCD nodes and I want to extend it to ABCDE, without touching old ones.

asked 21 Sep '13, 23:03

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(23 Sep '13, 16:18) MCPicoli

If there is no other way attached to the end node of the way that you want to extend, just click the end node and press the "A" key ("Add/Extend"). The way will be selected and you can click the place where you want to place the new node, or the already existing node.

If the new node is on another way, it will be joined to it.

Press the "<esc>" key ("Escape") or select another mode (like "S" key for "Selection Tool") to finish adding nodes to the end of the way.

If the end node is part of other ways that finish at that same node, you have to select the desired way, using holding the <control> key "Add to Selection" when the Selection Tool is active, and selecting the end node and the way. Then proceed as usual.

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answered 23 Sep '13, 16:17

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select end node and press the line button tool

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answered 21 Sep '13, 23:07

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