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All answers have a line in them asking me to "cast a vote". I see where I can hit the thumbs up icon or the thumbs down icon if I choose. Okay that part's fine..

But if I want to continue in that vein and "award points", a dialog box pops up with a text box for me to supply a number. Er, what might the range of allowable numbers be? The FAQ, a one page presentation, is speechless on this topic.

I have not ever done this before because it's unclear. Can someone elucidate?

asked 20 Sep '13, 11:08

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Also see the question use-of-votes.

(20 Sep '13, 12:08) aseerel4c26 ♦

For voting simply click on the thumbs (up and down) left to the question/answer. You can also award some of your points via the award points link but this is rarely done.

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answered 20 Sep '13, 11:14

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A bit more info - voting up an answer awards 15 "newly created" points. Awarding points transfers points from you to the person who answered.

(20 Sep '13, 11:22) SomeoneElse ♦

Oh, so those are my own points I can award to a contributor? Frankly that's a bit weird. I'm not surprised few do it.

So, when the sig line says "Don't forget to come over and cast your vote", it means return to the help area and click the thumbs up or down. And that constitutes the vote. Right?

(20 Sep '13, 11:28) AlaskaDave

Yes - and if an answer actually answers a question, don't forget to tick to indicate that.

(20 Sep '13, 11:30) SomeoneElse ♦

I'm not sure if this is clear enough yet. Just the award points feature reduces your own points. Regular voting via the thumbs doesn't.

(20 Sep '13, 11:37) scai ♦

I still dont fully get the idea behind the "award points" system. Should I transfer points to somebody if I think his answer is better, despite mine having been voted up ?

In the end, if it's just about adjusting karma, it seems rather useless because it doesn't help spoting good answers ?

I understand and apreciate the "Kudos, I could only vote your answer up once but I actually like it $THAT much" message of thanks/encouragement use. But the fact that it comes out of my "own set of point" is confusing.

(20 Sep '13, 11:41) Vincent de P... ♦

I wouldn't worry too much about it :) As @scai says, almost no-one uses the "award points" link.

(20 Sep '13, 12:00) SomeoneElse ♦
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