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Sorry, I am new here, and I want to correct just one error. Please, give me advice what to do:

Farby Laky Sibacol (1307537967) is displayed in "bike" layer in two "zoom" positions instead of the name of city:

In standard mode the name of city si displayed correctly: Banská Štiavnica (26036174)

What's wrong?


asked 20 Sep '13, 11:00

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I don't know what "Farby Laky Sibacol" is supposed to be - is it the name of the region, or the name of the bike trail, or something completely different?

(20 Sep '13, 12:05) gormo

Farby Laky Sibacol is name of a chemist store "Paint and lacquer Sibacol". Sibacol is the name of the company. So I think this should be changed. But how?

(20 Sep '13, 12:13) tlencz

It looks like the problem was this chemist, Farby Laky Sibacol - node ID 1307537967

It was previously tagged as place=city (as well as shop=chemist). Which meant it was rendered at most zoom levels on OpenCycleMap (and probably other maps), instead of the correct city name.

This incorrect city tag was removed a month ago. So the data is now correct, its just OpenCycleMap hasn't updated yet. Some maps can take a while to update, especially at lower zoom levels. Just wait a while, and it will look correct.

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answered 20 Sep '13, 12:20

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Technically, nothing is wrong. The bike layer is generated with different styling than the "standard" layer. The creator of the bike map choose to display other information on different zoom levels than the folks creating the standard style.

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answered 20 Sep '13, 12:04

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