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Hi, is there any way to submit an address marker easy without having to use an editor?

I've got several objects including the right geo coordinates and probably find some more that I'd like to contribute one by one. Is there any way to submit address markers like

(please no hints about bulk stuff, this might be uploaded one by one or with longer delay in between)

thank you

The idea is following: You need GPS-data for an adress in a web service or a software. You click on "find adress". If it is already in the OSM database the software will get the coordinates and store it. If not, the user will need to find and mark the location by himself on the map, which is usually not THAT hard if he knows the area.

If he is sure about the location he can then upload the adress marker also on OSM. As far as I understood he has to use his own OSM-account, but that should be managable.

I updated some addresses on OSM manually and I think it is a lot to learn and lots of effort just to set a pin with a missing house number. So you could set up an account for sb and say: "OK. Everytime you have found a missing address and you are sure you click here!" That should work, shouldn't it?

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For a simple editor, you could try Amenity Editor. It is pretty easy to use for adding single addresses.

(20 Sep '13, 00:54) Vclaw

OpenStreetMap is a hand-edited map of the world. It's not a bucket at which you can just throw any data you find lying around, and as such doesn't aim to offer a write-only API. You should not upload data for an area without having downloaded the existing data for that area, checked for duplicates, and checked for existing objects (without addresses) which the addresses could be added to.

So the answer is yes, it's technically possible, but it's not desirable.

If you don't want to code the logic required to do this (and it would be pretty tricky, which is why most people use editors and why imports are rigorously policed), and don't want to manually edit the data yourself, then the best option is to provide the data in raw form for other people to bring into the map manually. You could do this by simply providing the data in flat files somewhere (typically .osm files). Alternatively, if the number of uploads is comparatively small, you could submit them as Notes via the Editing API - but note that Notes are not really meant for bulk contributions.

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Hmm. Yes, thanks. the API could be a good thing, that I'll keep in mind. I added some more information above and I think I got your point. I'm going to read a little bit more about the API and OSM-Files to see what is possible and suitable

(20 Sep '13, 00:39) Risaer

This was just announced: - which might be relevant.

(20 Sep '13, 10:15) Richard ♦

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