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I have changed a few things in OSM in a few hours time. I didn't saw the negative effect untill -a few hours later- I checked it with te viewer. I did allready saved the project a few times. I don't know what went wrong and therefore, I'm have no idea when it went wrong.

The negative effect is huge and I have struggeled a few hours with the JOSM plugin and tried to revert it all. I have to many errors while doing this and don't see anything changing.

Can someone help me out by reverting all my actions? These are the changesets I was working on today:

17905890 17906079 17906302 17906367 17906768 17908177

I don't care my other work will be deleted, please revert it all.

I hope someone can fix this... THANKS!

asked 18 Sep '13, 17:18

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I'll have a try on it

(18 Sep '13, 17:32) malenki

First I made it harder for myself by reverting the first changeset first (fool that I am). After reverting the all stuff I checked for and repaired some related errors. Now I think the data should be in pre-Yordi-edit state. ;)

Happy mapping and good luck (You have chosen region a little difficult to start in due to all the relations.) In case you need help, don't hesitate to ask again.


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answered 18 Sep '13, 20:01

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Dear Malenki,

Thank you sooo much for putting everything back in pre-Yordi-edit state. I've checked it all and it seems all back in order. I'll be more precise and carefull...

Thanks again!

One little question: When I'm in the OSM editing-mode, I can't see how it looks in live mode untill I click save. When I have clicked the save button I can, but there's no 'easy' Undo way...? Or is there? Are there other ways to check before saving the edits?

(18 Sep '13, 20:34) Yordi

You are welcome. At least I could practice my skills a little... ;)

For features like checking for errors before upload and looking how it is rendered you maybe want to have a try with JOSM. Though a lot of people say it has a steep learning curve since it is an advanced editor.

(18 Sep '13, 20:51) malenki

Be aware that save in JOSM means you locally store the data layer you edited. Upload writes the changes back to OSM.
After your changes are written to OSM, there is indeed no simple way to undo changes like just pressing ctrl-z.

JOSM has a built-in validator with which you can check for errors before upload. (you just have to learn to distinguish the important warnings from the unimportant ;) )

(18 Sep '13, 20:51) malenki

PS: For "seeing how it looks" you also maybe would like to have a try with JOSM. Though it doesn't look like the default map at there are several helpful rendering styles.

(28 Sep '13, 07:28) malenki

If new to using JOSM, for a familiar 'look similar to the main osm' try using the this combination of Josm + Mapnik. see screen shot. I find it quite good, but you can load many from the preferences link.

Edit...This reply needs clarification and a better option would be to select Map Paint Styles 'JOSM Internal Style' + 'P2 Potlach 2' for usual editing.

The 'Mapnik (true)' option is not meant for editing, but to see how it would look on the after editing.

alt text

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answered 28 Sep '13, 07:52

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