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Imagine that I'm trying to fix the duplicate tram stop nodes at Failsworth. In JOSM I can select "download from OSM" and can search for Failsworth, and download the area around it.

Then if I select a small area around the tram stop and select "validation" I can see that 2 "nodes at the same position",. I can then manually check the tags of each and see that the newer node is an identical copy of the older one, but with one (valid) extra tag, and not a member of the relations that it should be. I'd like to merge them (delete the newer node and add new tag to the older node).

The JOSM Validator page suggests that it should be able to fix this automatically, but "Fix" for some reason is greyed out:

Fix greyed out in JOSM validator for duplicate nodes

Is there any reason for this?

(this is with the current stable JOSM of 6115)

asked 17 Sep '13, 16:20

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For the mentioned nodes this button is greyed out for me, too. But if I deliberately create such an error (e.g. pasting a node twice), the fix button is not greyed out and leads to both nodes being merged. Seems like a bug. josm-latest, 6232.

(17 Sep '13, 17:02) scai ♦

Could it be that the tags are slightly different? Only one of the two nodes has the operator tag set.

(20 Sep '13, 16:11) scai ♦

You should review each case and merge or separate the nodes according each node tags. In this case, the solution would be "merge".

In JOSM, click twice over the validator item ("2 nodes:..." in this case) then press the "3" key ("Zoom to Selection"), then the "M" key ("Merge nodes").

JOSM does not enable the "Fix" button if there is the possibility of more than one correct way to fix the problem reported.

This problem ("Nodes as same position") is very common when ways are accidentally unglued from each other. See, for example, my answer for the recent question on way/area ungrouping.

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answered 20 Sep '13, 15:20

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It's not automatic (possibly for good reason), but it does solve the problem.

(22 Sep '13, 11:35) SomeoneElse ♦

This question is already answered. JOSM can not automatic fix the duplicated nodes if they have different tags and/or relation memberships. If you merge the nodes you will see a conflict window, where you need to choose the merging tags/memberships.

(Answer to

(20 Oct '15, 16:10) Klumbumbus

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