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We are a local network affiliate news station and broadcast 9 daily newscasts. We're looking for a good map source and I came across OpenStreetMap.

Can I use OpenStreetMap for on-air as well as mobile and web to go along with our news stories as long as I credit each map?

I would need something in writing that would give us permission to use or a link that clearly states we can use in all forms.

Hope you can help me out.

Thank you.

asked 17 Sep '13, 13:40

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You can use OSM on air. You do not need to ask anyone for permission, just please conform to our standard licence conditions regarding attribution.

The usual forms of acceptable attribution are :

  • a) in end credits (probably not appropriate for news, unless OSM is your regular source for maps).
  • b) a splash credit showing when the map is first shown.
  • c) discrete continuous credit akin to that shown on main website.

The credit should be legible, so the choice between b) & c) might be down to how the length of the map clip and your own production values.

Unfortunately I cannot quickly find examples of what we might consider good practice for this type of credit on our wiki. I hope we can remedy this!

If you go down this route, we'd love to know more about how you use the maps. If you have a local mapping community they may make a perfectly good news item in their own right!

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answered 17 Sep '13, 14:02

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Thanks for your help...I have an example of what I would like to show onair...can I send the file to you for review?

(18 Sep '13, 14:39) wkbnmaps

If you need some more formal discussions, contact the OpenStreetMap legal-talk mailing list :

(18 Sep '13, 15:02) Pieren

@wkbnmaps feel free to send me an email (SK53 dot osm AT gmail dot com), I'm happy to review what you propose as long as you realise that I am merely another volunteer contributor.

(18 Sep '13, 20:44) SK53 ♦

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