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I'd like to download a changeset in order to use the JOSM validator to automatically fix some duplicate node issues. Using the changeset management dialogue, I can query the changeset and "Download changeset content". Unfortunately this doesn't seem to download the objects referenced by a changeset. How do I do that?

There is a "select the primitives" option that's greyed out unless I've previously downloaded some random node to create a data layer, but it just gives a "none of the objects is available" message unless I've manually gone to the location of the data and downloaded everything there.

asked 17 Sep '13, 13:07

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To download a changeset in JOSM use File -> Open Location and paste the changeset URL e.g. , see

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answered 20 Oct '15, 13:02

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Yay! So you can!

(20 Oct '15, 13:10) SomeoneElse ♦

As the answer below mentions, you will probably want to use JOSM->File->Update data to make sure you get the most recent version of the objects in the changeset. What the open location gets you is exactly that changeset, not the current version of the objects.

(28 Apr '16, 22:07) BlakeGirardot

I can't see a way to do it using JOSM, but have managed what you want, I think.

I started by looking at this changeset and right-clicked on the osmChange XML and saved the linked content as download.osc

I then opened this .osc file in JOSM and used File, Update Data to check I had the current versions (as I don't really know what opening the .osc file will give me).

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answered 17 Sep '13, 13:45

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That works - thanks!

(17 Sep '13, 13:51) SomeoneElse ♦

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